Sofar Sounds is an international organization that holds small music shows in variety of different venues, such as houses, studios, lofts etc. with a focus on creating a space in which people can intimately watch/listen to live shows of their favorite musicians. Matthew works with a small video team responsible for editing a well constructed video for each performing band.  Visit the website for the Sofar Sounds Chapter in Milwaukee to learn more.

Matthew has shot and edited over a dozen performances for Sofar Sounds in Milwaukee.

Christopher the Conquered - I'm Giving Up on Rock and Roll | Sofar Milwaukee

In a quaint east side Milwaukee home Christopher the Conquered puts on an engaging and audience involved performance of his title track from the Album I'm Giving Up on Rock and Roll.

Ryan Joseph Anderson - Shadow Boxer | Sofar Milwaukee

Ryan Joseph Anderson braves the rain for Sofar Milwaukee's annual outdoor show.

Chris Porterfield - Summons | Sofar Milwaukee

With a little help from the audience Chris Porterfield preforms a beautiful acoustic rendition of Field Report's Summons.