Matthew works as a video producer for JTV in Jackson, Michigan.  JTV is one of the few fully independent TV studios in the nation and produces all of it's content locally.  Matthew serves a wide variety of roles at JTV that include, producing commercials, training videos, a 30 minute TV Show and floor directs a 2 hour live talk show.


Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a 30 minute magazine format show that of which produced by Matthew.  The show focuses on the stories surrounding the new Jackson Economy, each show explores the stories and exciting new development happening in Jackson's economy.  The video above features the latest episode of Fast Forward.

Commercial Production

Also responsible for producing TV commercials, above are a couple of examples of the commercials Matthew has produced for JTV. 

News Segments

Part of the duties at JTV also include shooting and editing news segments, these typically include covering local events within the community, interviewing community and even on occasion one Jim Harbaugh! These segments air on JTV on the Bart Hawley Show and are also posted to the JTV website. 


The Bart Hawley Show

The Bart Hawley Show is a 2 hour live talk show that Matthew Floor Directs for 2-3 days every week.  The show covers local news happening in Jackson and cover's everything from weather, art and local events. It's guest frequently include local, state and federal government representatives, local business leaders, community activists/leaders and people from all of Jackson's local community organizations.